Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

I'm feeling a wee bit anxious tonight - perhaps it's due to the full moon. Maybe I should take the hint and anticipate some sort of morph into a werewolf. Now THAT would be cool!

Although I highly doubt that I will become a hairy, howling shewolf anytime soon, I've been perusing the internet looking for something to distract me from constantly looking at my hands expecting to see fur...

Sir Plantalot came through with a great distraction in the form of an enchanting web - article. Usually, he provides distractions in the form of the chicken dance or something else equally humiliating and embarrassing. So consider yourselves lucky dear readers. You wouldn't want me to share video clips of his chicken dance. That's just something you could live without...

In any case, enough with the werewolves and ramblings.

Has anyone ever heard of the Sconestone yet?

Beautiful, isn't it?

The idea behind it is even more so.

Warren MacLeod, from Nova Scotia, Canada, created this for his wife, Kari. Inspired by her random acts of kindness, Warran wanted to give her something special so that her kindness would never go unnoticed.

The Sconestone however, is not the sort of gift that he wanted her to keep on her desk for the rest of her life. In a few weeks time, it will leave her care and be given to a stranger. This stranger will be tasked with the SconeStone rules:

1. Do at least one Act of Kindess to a person, animal or anything that is good for the planet as a whole.

2. Keep the stone for no more than 7 days.

3. Encourage friends and strangers to touch the stone and pledge to do an act of kindess. Be creative!

4. Please pass the stone on to a person you trust will honour the purpose of the stone

5. And lastly, post on the Sconestone website about your experience with the stone.

What a beautiful way to eternalize the kindness in one person and promote small waves of change.

The Sconestone is destined to travel the world, and influence change both large and small.

To read more about the making,concept and events leading up the Sconestone launch on August 28th, be sure to visit the Sconestone website.

photo credit; Sconestone website)


  1. Mmmmm...shewolves are sexy! lol, love the stone idea, and your books. Have you read A Thousand Splendid Suns? And since you have an obsession with Indian, perhaps Life of Pi, or the Namesake. Awesome books.

    Anyway, I'm off to encourage people to rub my stones. Uh, I mean do good deeds...

  2. It's nice to hear that there are good people left in this world.

  3. Oh I think there are a lot of good people left. They are, however, a bit hidden and its things like these that will unify and bring them out. I think its hard a hard life for a good hearted person these days - they tend to be very cautious.

  4. THAT was the coolest thing I've seen all week. Thank you!

  5. what a great idea. that's one heck of a stone, for sure! btw, I have been MIA from commenting for awhile so you might have changed your header a while ago, but I just want to tell you it is so adorable! :)


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