Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Tuesday and....a Guest Post!

Yesterday was a civic holiday in Canada! I spent part of my day cleaning my apartment which was a lot dirtier than I thought it was and then, I put up hammocks on the balcony and tada! A restful start to my holiday began! I'm nearly finished reading Shantaram which is good and bad at the same time. It's such a wonderful book in so many ways however, I'm eager to start on The Angel's Game. I'm surprised at how long it's taking me to get through a book this summer - I suppose I have less time than I thought I would have to dedicate to reading.

But enough about me, here's a treat for you! I recently participated in a blog swap thrown by Twenty Something Bloggers where we got teamed up with another interested individual to create guest posts for each other's blog. You can check out my post for Andy's blog at later on today. Without further ado, here he is!

What's crackalackin', On & On readers?

Just kidding. I would never use crackalackin' in everyday conversation. I'd wait until I was cast in the appropriate teen romantic comedy.

So I'm Andy, from As part of 20 Something Blogger's recent blog swap, Salut! chou chou* and I got paired up, not unlike a blind date.
But unlike a blind date, we weren't forced to awkwardly hug at the end, and I didn't get stuck paying the bill while she tried to text her friends for an escape plan.

It's tough writing a post for a blog you only just discovered. I don't know anything about you, chou chou's readers. You could all be Victoria's Secret models. You could all be homicidal. You could all be homicidal Victoria's Secret models (i.e. Tyra Banks).

I figured my best bet would be taking an element of her page and giving you my own spin.
So, here you go, straight from her sidebar:

  • Say no to cookies
  • Limit my America's Next Top Model intake
  • Keep a straight face
  • Do calculus (ooh, we're alike)
Can flirt in a bar:
  • If I want my girlfriend to kill me
  • In one, monosyllabic language
  • If I feel my self esteem needs to be lowered
  • Taco Bell
  • Beings best friends with a mechanic who will fix your car for free
  • Drinking hot chocolate at Starbucks so you feel trendy
  • Pittsburgh
Happiest when...
  • My laundry gets done magically without me doing it
  • I dream of genie
  • I hand in my newspaper articles on my job
  • In bed with my eyes closed because I'm asleep

* Confession: As I'm an ignorant American, I had to google "chou chou." Google says it's a French way of saying "sweetie" or "honey" or any other random nickname. I will ask my girlfriend to call me chou chou. Don't see that going well.


  1. Haha, I love your ANTM obsession. May I also recommend Bridezillas? My friend's husband has been sneaking it on their DVR.

  2. Also, singularly, chou means cabbage in French.

  3. Yep, you're right Erin! I think that's what makes it all the more cute when you call someone your "chouchou".

  4. Children- My sister loves that show. You know what's also funny? Say Yes to the Dress. A whole show about bridal gowns and the women who obsess over choosing one.
    Erin- Can I call my girlfriend Cabbage? Think she'll be OK?
    Salut!- Nothing says romance like cabbage-cabbage. What's French for carrot-carrot?

  5. Hmm, something about "cabbage cabbage" might not sit right with your lady. Carrot-carrot is "Carrot - Carrot" in French of course!

  6. Ah, Andy - what a cute little guest post. And to Anya - what a cute little sidebar!

    I seriously need to update my blog page...

  7. Hi Anya, I'm here to stalk Andy, but now I might have to stalk you, too. This is also how I make friends in real life.

    Nice post, Andy. It's good to know that you wear that ANTM Lover badge everywhere you go. Lovely to witness that kind of constancy in these fickle times.

  8. Andy,
    You are soooo stinkin' cute...As for ANTM-you're obsessed.


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