Friday, July 24, 2009

Mentally checked out...

I don't exactly know where I've been lately. Feels like I've been sucked into a life-encompassing void of...nothingness. To put the last few weeks in review would be impossible. It's strange how I feel as if weeks have gone by with nothing memorable or poignant punctuating its passing.

Oh well, I'm back from outer-space.

Brief update on some exceptions to the nothingness that has vastly consumed my life lately (which, by the way, shouldn't be the case any longer - I shall be muchos busy from here-on-in):

1. I realized that, while rock climbing might seem like a cool thing to do, it scares the crap out of me. I'm eager to get over this completely irrational fear and give it another shot. In my defense, my hands are always unusually sweaty (I's gross) which makes it incredibly hard to grab onto tiny weeny holds. Go figure, huh?

2. I totally engaged in some ridiculous retail therapy. I am now I proud (?!) owner of a new Canon Powershot SD9901S, a puma jacket and some new yoga pants. Although I got all of the above items on sale, I still feel as if I just got manipulated by corporate America. On the bright side, I can now take better pictures since my camera is no longer in Japanese. That's the trouble with buying things off eBay sometimes...your products come in surprising languages. * Sigh * One day, I will have the pennies to buy one of those super duper photographic master cameras and I will be photo-taking extraordinaire. You just wait. You'll see.

3. As a result of the happenings of the above mentioned shopping spree, I have just ran up my 2 day old credit card with more than $360 worth of merchandise. Great! I'm off to a wonderful start! But, as the Hitchiker's guide says, "don't panic" - I have money to cover it and more. The joys of working full time before going back to my peasant ways of full-time student are endless.

4. I've recently been reminded that no matter how many times you repeat something, and no matter how many seemingly reassuring and comprehending looks I recieve from him, my cat does not have a clue about what I'm saying.

5. I'm a heck of a lot stronger than I used to be. I can now lift more weights than the group of 20 something year old international students that are always on the weight machines before me everyday. They need to seriously learn to strip their weights so I dont giggle my ass off when I get to the machines and see that I'm doing more then their burly selves.

6. One of the guys in the tech department in my office sneezes with a force comparable to a mighty tsunami. It's awesome.

Okay, that's all that comes to mind. Until next time - live long and prosper.


  1. this is a fun post. let us know how the new camera goes! i love new cameras...


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