Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Bed for Culture

It's Friday and it is also a beautiful night in the city. Any energetic, outgoing twenty-something would be out enjoying the weather, having a good time and basking in the beauty of a hot summer night. I am, however, not doing any of the above. As you'll get to know me, you'll notice that I'm not too much of a party-sharty kinda gal. I love taking it easy at home, reading, writing and catching up on the world and all its goings-on that I didn't get the chance to see during the week. I think this partially has to do with being locomotive-ly challenged (a.k.a without wheels - my bike doesn't count guys...) as well. Somehow, going out to enjoy nightlife, isn't as hot when you're forced to be back on Hamilton Public Transit before 12:35 a.m so that you aren't stranded in shanty town.

What saves my weekend from complete domestic boredom has to be my Saturdays. I usually go to Toronto and spend some time enjoying the city, hanging out with my oh-so-classy mother or some friends and just having a great time.

Tomorrow, I am squeezing in a little appointment with mr. foot doctor podiatrist extraordinaire. It turns out that I have some serious foot related lower back issues and I'm excited to start getting it all sorted out. Best of all, it's covered by my mother's insurance (thank goodness) and I won't have to pay very much at all.

I should be done my appointment in the early afternoon and so, that leaves a bit of time to catch up with some friends, hang out with mummy dearest, and roam the streets in search of one of the many festivals that go on in Toronto every weekend. That sounds like a good enough day except...there's going to be more!

Sir Plant-a-lot had a stroke of genius and a few weeks ago;he made reservations for din din at the Drake Hotel. Now normally, we wouldn't be able to afford such extravagances but summerlicious made it possible.

Essentially, Summerlicious is a prix fixe menu of some of Toronto's best restaurant and food venues. This of course, makes the inaccessible, accessible to those who need to justify the need to purchase another bag of milk (haha, it's not that bad, but sometimes it could be!).

In any case, Sir Plant-a-lot and I are on a mission to not be 102 years old and actually indulge, enjoy and act like we're less than 30. This is a start.

The Drake Hotel, I've been told is a really artistic, swanky and vintage inspired place. All-in-all it's been described as a hot bed for culture in Toronto.

I'm looking forward to the experience and will be sure to let you guys all know how the night went down =).


  1. You made a spelling error. And I owned you today. And I get free food at the Drake.

    Hm. I think I have grounds to be proud and happy :)

  2. Sounds like a great time. Have fun!

  3. I'm the same way - I prefer to stay home rather than go out!!

    Have fun in Toronto!!

  4. I'm the same way - I am a total home body. I think I have an old soul or something? I like getting together with friends, but would rather go to a bbq than go out to the bars until 2 am! I'm such a grandma!

    Have fun!

  5. hello there:) you are beautiful, for hellos. and i am interested in what you mentioned about your foot back problems- my husband has feet problems and back pain and now i wonder if they are related.

  6. Tell me about your summerlicious experience at the Drake. We're going to Senses this Friday (the last weekend of the event).

  7. I feel so much better to know that there are other "old souls" out there like me! I most definitely am more in favour of a nice dinner with friends than a night out on the town. I just find that with people my age, it's never the case that they enjoy the things that I do.

    Oh well, at least I have you guys! =)


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