Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something to think about...

Often times, we question why we suffer to the degree that we do. We wonder of the moral that we are supposed to extract from the dark days and painful nights we occasionally have to face in order to grow. Do we necessarily have to suffer when we feel pain?

I read this recently, on pain and suffering...

Pain can exist without suffering, and it is also possible to suffer without feeling pain. The difference between them is...what we learn from pain - for example, that fire burns and is dangerous, is always for ourselves alone, but what we learn from suffering is what unites us as one human people. If we do not suffer with our pain, then we have not learned anything about ourselves. Pain without suffering is like victory without struggle.
Sorry about the somewhat gloomy subject. It's just an interesting thought that I wanted to share with you and, well, let's face isn't always peaches.

Any comments on this?


  1. To suffer doesn't mean there is pain involved. I deal with anxiety, and to suffer through a day where the world feels like it's imploding is not an easy thing to do, but it doesn't (physically) hurt.

    It is an interesting quote, though.

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  3. I know, it's off the topic. But.. Shataram is the greatest book everrrr! Have fun! :)


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