Thursday, June 18, 2009


Being my friend can be tough but satisfying. You're in for long talks, genuine interest, contemplative advice, encouragement and...brutal honesty. I know that at times this might not always be the best thing. Hell, even my friend Frank doesn't like frankness (hahaha...okay, I know, that was bad...)

I told a colleague of mine today who was complaining about being too blunt and brazen that I rather enjoyed it and that I rather not spend the time having to decipher what someone is saying instead of actually hearing what they are saying. Fair enough?

The strangest part of this all is how, regardless of all the candid, downright, direct statements and actions I throw out into the world, those coming back at me tend to be...complex. So here comes my inquiry on the topic of complexity. Not necessary complexity of words, or life events specifically, but as a whole. Complexity. Let's talk.

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Not to get too analytical but is it possible that it is just the nature of things to be complex? Thinking about it, the world is full of events that aim in different ways to combine, build and become more complex. Take the Big Bang for example; the universe was a rich soup made out of simple bits of things and then it expanded and cooled so that these bits came together to make particles. Particles then came together to make the first atoms and consequently more stars and planets. Here follows everything else in the history of the universe that we come to know.

The aim of civilization is to continue to grow and improve upon what our forefathers founded. We naturally try and attain the unattainable, discover the unknown and charter the most complex paths through innovation and ingenuity. Success will always bring about a relative level of complexity for any party involved. You must push your limits to legitimately obtain all that you work for and I know that all would agree in me saying that "it ain't easy".

Do we have a natural tendency towards complexity?

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  1. Everything in life is complex. I find it very satisfying when I understand something completely.

    It doesn't happen often.

  2. Hmm. Interesting topic. I tend to make things WAY more complicated than they need to be, I think it's just the way I think about things.

    But yes, I do think we have a natural tendency towards complexity!

  3. The older I get, the more I don't have time to dwell on the complexities of life. After the birth of my daughter, I've developed an appreciation for simplicity. She's about the only person who keeps it simple in my life, that's why I enjoy spending lots of time with her. :)

  4. i think things are complex because people aim high maybe? just all the tech around us is so complex, sure i can use a laptop but no clue exactly how it all works! simple days are a bliss but dont think i can handle a simple life, i'll get bored easily i think :)

  5. I actually really agree with what all of you have said thus far.

    @ Jen Laceda - I'm sure that your daughter really helps you identify what is worth agnozing over and what isn't. In the end, when something more meaningful comes along (like your daughter), you start to wonder why you cared about half the things you used to!

    @ Tina - I definitely think that's what I was getting at in my post. It just so happens that a lot of technology (all examples of feats of human civilization)is always going to be more complex and more difficult (!) than the last model. We aim for complexity and then worry about why we're so stressed!! It's interesting

    Thanks for helping to fuel this discussion

  6. Complexity is the part of life and i think it can be overcome with cool thought process...This is what i do..Unseen Rajasthan

  7. Thank you, thank you so much for your concern!



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