Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The forecast calls for rain for the coming days. It has started today and, according to prediction, ends on Saturday. That means a lot of worms, hurrying from place to place and/or just giving up that cause all together and surrendering hair, shoes, business clothes and all with arms outstretched to the rain.

However, there is something else that happens only when it rains...

Snail conventions!!!

It's always neat to see them all gather on a big tree stump. I often wonder if they're discussing anything important or just sitting there and staring at one another. What a life huh?

Today, a snail very nearly became a the sickening crunch noise that occurs when...well...when you step on a snail! It happened to me a while ago (I swear, I didn't see it) and I felt so bad! I vowed to always watch my step when it rains and to save any snails that looked as if they would be subject to impending doom. Hence the reason why, towards 4:45 pm, I could have been found scooping up snails and putting them wherever they seemed to be headed. I had originally tried the pacifist approach of letting them take their own course (at their own pace...) whilst I waited to ensure their safety. I obviously underestimated how slow the little things could be! After getting really impatient, I just started moving them.

Does this make me a crazy snail lady? I wonder...

Another snail query; do you think they get dirt and muck stuck in their slimy bits when they're sliming their way around? If so, how does it get out of there?

Forever questioning,


  1. So long as you don't start a collection at home with the snails, I don't think you have to worry about becoming the crazy snail lady.

  2. Does it make you a crazy snail lady? Affirmative.

    Does the dirt get stuck in there? No, because the secretion is constant. It acts like a mucous lining inside your nose... Nothing actually touches the inside skin of your nose because the mucous protects it and expels it when its done. Then again, we don't go trailing our noses on the ground leaving trails. Though I can't say that for everyone :S


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