Saturday, August 15, 2009

Couldn't find the cat...

It doesn't help that he's all black. He kind of disappears in shadows in the apartment - very discrete.

Finally I did find him hiding in his little tent.

I guess everyone finds the sun a bit overbearing today! Although he's quite the cabana boy...


  1. oh my goodness, how adorable!! I absolutely love kitties. I have a puppy, of course, but I used to have the most wonderful kitty and I still miss her. sometimes I want to go adopt a cat but I am not sure how my pup would get along with a kitty... and Hazel is already a handful!! :) but thanks for sharing this photo, totally made me smile.

    hope you are having a good weekend!

  2. Hi Carissa!

    It always looks like you and Hazel have tons of fun! I think that if you were to adopt a pet, Hazel will take a while to get used to having you share your attention. Pets can be little babies sometimes! In any case, I'll be posting more kitty pictures and so you can live vicariously through my blog until you decide on getting a kitty or not.

    Hazel seems like such a sweetheart though!


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