Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Saturday Plan

(This was supposed to be posted yesterday but it seems like it didn't work...)

Whooohooo!! Another week done and the I'm weekend rejoicing!! I achieved a lot this week that I can be proud of; the most important being my new position at CURE Canada. I'm thrilled to be able to dedicate my time to an organization with excellent methodologies that will empower at-risk youth not only in the present but for years to come through development of confidence, attitudes, positive actions and thoughts. I admit that I've done very little administrative NGO work and so, I know that I have a lot to learn. I think this is partly why I wanted to apply for a more lucrative position and not just one of a part time volunteer - I just love to learn. Wish me luck people!!

I plan to check out the Luminato arts festival in Toronto today with the French students that are here on exchange. Toronto by itself is full of things to see so adding the thrill of the festival should make it even more of a memorable experience for them. Plus it gives me the opportunity to practice my French!!

A bientot!

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