Thursday, June 4, 2009

A funny thing about bicycles

For those of you who have ever been on a yacht or a boat, you would have experience this.

Every time you pass another yacht, a greeting of some sort always ensues. It could be as grand as a yelled conversation about the pleasantness of the water and where the best place to lay anchor would be or it could be as small as a nod of the head. There's always this connection that is instantly there if you drive a boat. It's boat bonding and I think it's cool.

You might perhaps be wondering why the heck I'm talking about and communicative boat love so I'll get down to the peculiar thing I've been noticing lately.

I've been commuting to work by bicycle since Monday, (and no, it has nothing to do with the commuter challenge, I would probably be walking to work anyways since I'm locomotively challenged and do not have a vehicle) and I've noticed a similar thing happening. Maybe it's just the fact that the sun is shining and people are generally happier but...I've been noticing quite a few head nods from other bikers lately. For example, today I was riding my bike home and literally everyone that passed me smiled at me! Let me clarify: it's not a normal smile, I'm talking a big smile; the kind you see without your glasses across the street sorta smile. It's like I joined this super cool club that I never knew existed.

Now before I get carried away with ideas of a secret society of biking enthusiasts where Lance Armstrong has been elected King and supreme ruler...

I have to say, I really like this sort of treatment. It's a lot friendlier than the shoves that I get at crosswalks as a pedestrian.

Have you ever noticed the same thing or is it just me?

(Photo credit .I Travel East)


  1. Toronto has such a big bike culture these days and I, too, have noticed the smiling-from-across-the-street attitude!

  2. I don't bike, but I get nods from other runners when I'm out running usually! I wish that I could bike to and from work though!

  3. I don't ride a bike, but maybe I should! exercise and friendliness! score!

  4. I currently live about 15 minutes (by car) away from my job. I desperately want to move to the neighborhood of the school that I teach in. It is my divine wish that I will be able to ride my bike to school by sometime next school year. I am so jealous of you! -e


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