Sunday, April 20, 2008

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking...

...and I'm still going through the daily motions the way I used to: unmotivated, unproductive, apathetic.

"I guess I'm emo". Whatever. I welcome any kind of title the world offers for this kind of feeling.

It really pisses me off that I have nothing better to say. I'm just another, in a crowd of millions that are complacent and miserable. Power in numbers? I think not. There is no good to be had when a group of down and outs join hands and find confidence in...erm...crying?

That being said, all of us, all these people can do something about this state of mind. I started writing this post a while back and forgot about it. Thank goodness. If I had continued it then, it would have probably been full of similar sounding woes as the first few lines. Pity me pity me pity me!

I personally think that being miserable is a choice (unless you're chemically imbalanced - don't worry, at least its in style!). You can wake up in the morning and decidedly stay in bed to cry about how the terrible realities of your life OR you can learn to find joy in the smallest of things. Perhaps how the branches on the tree outside flutters its leaves against your window or how much happier people seem in general now that it's summer. Of course, that feeling of happiness, brightness and joy might feel foreign and distant but it doesn't have to be that way. I'm sure that there are many people in the world that would gladly trade their lives with yours - to live life where you are, like you are, looking like you. If you're honestly that pessimistic to think that what I said isn't possible, then why not begin trying to live your life - give people something to envy!

I know that it seems so simple in your head until you go out and try it. But honestly, try it.

Somewhere a clock is ticking.

Don't let it leave you behind.

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